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10/24/2014 9:54:45 AM
Sustain the good work and producing in the group!
10/24/2014 8:52:08 AM
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10/24/2014 6:37:06 AM

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Mobile operator Three has publicly voiced fears that it will run out of room on its third-generation network unless the auction happens quickly.
10/24/2014 5:59:04 AM
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10/24/2014 5:57:15 AM
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10/24/2014 5:56:32 AM
Some fans get too excited about third-string quarterbacks. San Francisco 49ers coach Mike Singletary does not.He used the word "inconsistent" in describing 49ers third-stringer Nate Davis, then made it clear Davis was not competing with David Carr for the No.
Two years ago, Colts defensive end Dwight Freeney had an ankle injury and started the Super Bowl but was unable to maintain his effectiveness in the second half. The odds are good that Gronkowski will find a way to suit up and play in the game, but the question is how much the ankle will limit him.
The Titans want Chris Johnson to report before they start to talk about a new contract.Johnson wants a new contract before he reports.Stalemate.I don't know what, if anything, is going on behind the scenes at this point. It's hard to find a compromise from there, just to get to the point where a contract conversation would be held.But here's my suggestion, which comes out of what the Jaguars are doing with franchised tight end Marcedes Lewis right now.Johnson should report to camp with the Titans agreeing that he will participate in meetings, do some walking through, but be an observer for practices.By so doing, he'd be insured against potential injury but would be making a good-faith move by showing up as requested since he is under contract.
The Broncos allowed only 7.6 yards per reception to Chicago, which was playing without Jay Cutler, last week. Preseason stats aren't all that meaningful, of course, but that is an unusually low figure.
There are a lot of subtleties you can see on film from safety rotations to alignment tendencies. Then you got to have to have the will and stick your head in there and protect the quarterback.".
Colleague Ashley Fox has a column that says New Orleans quarterback Drew Brees is a worthy candidate for the Most Valuable Player award. If that sounds familiar, it should.
Today's ruling in the New Orleans Saints' bounty case has generated one immediate question from an NFC North perspective. Many of you are asking if the Green Bay Packers can re-sign defensive end Anthony Hargrove, released exactly two weeks ago, and play him in Sunday's game against the San Francisco 49ers. Hargrove This story remains fluid, but the NFL just announced that Hagrove -- along with three other once-suspended players -- has been reinstated and is eligible to play this weekend.
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10/24/2014 5:15:33 AM
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When you talk about a contract like that, you're talking about something that will have salary-cap implications on the entire roster.The Saints have some other key potential free agents, such as guard Carl Nicks and receiver Marques Colston. Brees doesn't want his deal to break up a team that's been very good through most of his tenure."My No. 1 priority, and it always has been this, is keeping our team together and making sure we have the right guys in the right positions to make a run at this for a long time," Brees said.
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10/24/2014 2:51:31 AM
He was utilized in the 4 WR/1 TE package in the two-minute offense, which was a new twist without Kevin Faulk. The 52 snaps were a season-high for Hernandez, who had played 29 against the Bengals and 38 against the Jets. &hellip; Danny Woodhead made the most of his seven snaps with three rushes for 42 yards and 1 touchdown.
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10/24/2014 2:34:40 AM
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